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  • What is an Illusionist

    Technically, an illusionist is anyone who performs tricks that deceive the eye. Both mentalists and magicians are often considered illusionists in their own way. There are also digital illusionists who particularly focus on digital illusions using technology.


    That said, it's not uncommon for some people to consider illusionists performers who focus primarily on large scale "illusions". Classic examples of illusion tricks would include effects like sawing a lady in half, levitating an assistant or making a large object such as a motorcycle or helicopter appear on stage.


    As these large scale illusions will have very specific requirements, it may not be a suitable options at all venues or events.

    What we offer

    Experience Magic work with a variety of magicians and illusionists in Singapore that specialize in different form of entertainment.


    Our signature offerings would be for our stage and/or close up magic performances which is a blend of magic, mind reading, and also visually stunning illusions.


    It will always be helpful to reach out to us directly on our contact form to advice further depending on the context of your request such as the number of pax , objectives, venue and budget considerations.


    Subjected to Availablity

    World Class Stage Illusionists in Singapore

    World Class Stage Illusion Show

    Be mesmerized by the mind-boggling world-class stage illusion show presented by Singapore's very best local illusionists. Witness jaw-dropping disappearances, levitations and large scale Vegas Style stage illusions.


    Recommended for Theatre Productions

    Jasper Lee Stage Magic Illusion

    Stage Magic Illusion Show

    Get ready to be spellbound by award-winning magicians from Singapore. With our mesmerizing stage magic illusion show, audiences experience a thrilling journey filled with mind-bending magic, levitating objects illusion and an entertaining evening to remember.


    Recommended for Ballroom / Platform Settings

    Close Up Magic & Illusionist

    Close Up Magic / Illusion

    With a deck of cards or a few simple props, watch our magicians perform mind-blowing visiual illusions right at your table. Unlike stage performances where spectators observe from afar, table-to-table magic allows you to be part of the action and creates an atmosphere filled with wonder and excitement. This is a signature offering at Experience Magic, performed by award winning magicians.


    Recommended for Restaurant / Cocktail Setting

    digital magic and ipad illusion trick

    Digtial Illusionist (Close Up)

    Witness unbelievable virtual magic as digital illusionists take the art of sleight of hand to a whole new level. With their exceptional skills and innovative use of technology, these illusionists can customize their tricks and create an unforgettable experience for each individual spectator.


    Suitable for Brand / Product Launches

    mind reader illusionist Nique Tan

    Mind Reading Illusion Show

    Prepare to have your mind blown! Watch as our local mind reader illusionist perform his signature Mind reading show that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew. This captivating performance will showcase the incredible abilities of a master mind illusionist, who can seemingly read minds and predict your every move.


    Recommended for Ballroom / Stage Setting with Screen Display

    award winning ipad illusionist tk jiang on tv

    Award Winning Digtial Illusionist (Stage)

    Be amazed by the incredible talents of an award-winning digital illusionist on stage! Combing cutting-edge technology with mind-boggling illusions he creates a novel performance like no other. Our performer has been featured on Talent shows, National and International TV programs to guarantee your satisfaction.

    kiki tay illusionist with lights and laser Singapore

    Lights & Laser Illusion Show

    Lights & Laser Illusion Show deliveres an unforgettable visual experience like no other. This mesmerizing spectacle combines the art of light manipulation with cutting-edge laser technology, resulting in a breathtaking display that will leave you in awe. Get ready to be transported into a world of vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and mind-bending illusions that will captivate your imagination


    Suitable for Ballroom & Theatre Productions

    Singapore fire illusionist danny koh

    International Fire Illusionist

    Book a fiery performance of an International Fire Illusionist. Enjoy a mesmerizing spectacle of artistry and danger of fire manipulation. With a combination of jaw-dropping juggling tricks, daring stunts, and captivating illusions, this show is guaranteed to ignite your imagination and keep you on the edge of your seat.



    Mask Changing Illusion act in Singapore

    Traditional Mask Changing Illusion Act

    This centuries-old art form, originating from Chinese Opera, has captivated audiences worldwide. Question your eyes as skilled illusonist seamlessly swap masks literally in the blink of an eye. With each new mask revealing a different character or emotion, this thrilling performance will leave you in awe and wondering just how they do it.!


    Suitable for Festive Events & Celebrations

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