"A memorable experience for your occassion"

    Roving Magic Package
    450.00 - 800.00
    Jasper is most often engaged for his roving magic services performed at banquet tables, restaurants or for groups standing at cocktail receptions. Nothing is set up before hand, just pure amazement, applause and good fun for your event.

    - Ideal Ice Breaker for dinner parties and weddings
    - An Intimate Experience that offer guests a story to tell
    - Recommended Duration: 1 - 2 hours
    Coming soon
    Stand Up Magic / Stage Performance
    500.00 - 650.00
    Jasper's 20-minutes one-man show is a stand-up magic show designed to entertain larger audiences and is perfect for after-dinner entertainment. This hi-energy show is packed with visual magic, music, audience interaction, and comedy!

    - Ideal choice for featured act for festivals and stage performance
    - Can be done for smaller private parties (20 pax and up)
    - Live Feed is advisable for any more than 300 pax.
    Coming soon
    Nique Tan's Mind Magic Show
    650.00 - 950.00
    Mind Magic is a truly unique and fully interactive show that features a powerful and yet seldom seen form of performance; a performance that explores the mysteries of the human mind. Presented by renowned Mentalist and Psychic Entertainer Nique Tan, Mind Magic is unlike any other show, as it is one that focuses on the thoughts of the audience.

    - Show duration of approximately 30 minutes
    - Recommended audience size of 100 and above.
    - Suited for corporate dinner events, campus shows, theatres and events with larger stage setups.
    Coming soon
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