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Cost of hiring an event magician in singapore

& asking the right questions

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How much does it cost to hire a magician in singapore?

Hiring an event magician in Singapore can be a difficult task. With the many options available it is hard to make a decision about which company or which talent to go with. 

More importantly, how much does it really cost to hire an event magician in singapore?  How does this compare to other entertainment options? 

The short answer is that performance prices will vary depending on the type of magic performance required and seniority of the magician you're engaging. Read on to find out more about our thoughts! 

Pricing Based on Event Needs

Are you hiring a magician for a kids birthday party? Maybe for a private or wedding celebration? Or peharps you are tasked to engage a performer for a corporate function or virtual meeting

In general, professional magicians catering for adult guests charge a higher price compared to children show entertainers. And magicians specialize in corporate dinner and dance charge the most given the large number of audiences within ballroom settings. 

Here’s an estimate of what you can expect to pay for a magician depending on the context of your event:

Private / Wedding Magicians: $300 - $1200

Corporate Event Magicians: $450 - $3000 

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Peharps you are wondering, why the huge range in prices? Much like any professions, a full time specialist with more experience would charge higher compared to freelancers or asipring talents. Magicians who has been performing commercially for years and worked with notable brands generally charge a premium for their experience. 

As a general rule of thumb, knowing that a magician has years of flight time under his belt and is still performing full time offers a peace of mind when you are deciding on a performer. At Experience Magic, all our magicians are full time professionals with over a decade of performing experience. 

Pricing based on type of magic

Other than the context of your event and the experience of a performer, magic performances are also priced based on the genre of magic performed. There are 3 main categories of performing styles. 

1) Close Up / Walkaround / Roving Magic 

2) Palour / Platform / Stand Up Magic

3) Stage / Illusion Magic

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Close up magic is usually priced by per hour session and can range anywhere between $300 - $750 /hr. This is also among the most commonly engaged style of performance where magician walk around, mingling amongst different social groups. An hour session can generally cater well to 50 - 100 pax. Larger events are known to hire multiple magicians to spread out their performances during cocktail receiptions or within restaurants in order to cater to the larger number of attendees. Depending on the requirements (E.G. Including Digital Elements / Customisations / Overseas Engagemements) the cost can be substantially hire.

Stand Up or Palour magic is usually priced higher than close up magic and offered at a much shorter duration between 20 - 45 minutes a session. This form of performance is usually held on a platform or on stage catering for large group of audiences. Magic performances in schools and on stage also fall into this category where the magician caters his show for a larger group. Stand up magic can be priced anywhere from $400 - $1000 depending on the seniority of the performer and customisation requests. 

Illusion shows are most commonly seen on cruises or dinner and dance events. Since large props are often being transported with a team of assistant to handle lights, sounds and other logstics, these would typically cost the most ranging from $1000 - $20,000 depending on the scale of the illusions performed. 

Asking the right Questions

Typically it helps to decide on a budget in mind before considering entertainment options. Magic is usually a highlight at any event and it truly makes a difference to a celebration. Given the range of prices, it helps to consider more affordable forms of magic when deciding on magic entertainment at your event. 

Alternatively there are a variety of entertainment options that would still help make your event a memorable one.

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