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Top 5 Novelty Live Entertainment at Weddings in Singapore

What's the latest and greatest trend in wedding entertainment?

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Wedding entertainment is a big part of the wedding day, and it can be overwhelming for a lot of couples to decide how to plan for it. There are already so many different things to consider when planning your wedding from seating arrangements to sequence of the program.

Good news! Hiring wedding entertainment is actually simpler than you can imagine! It's almost like calling a grab these days. Engaging professionals for the job means that you get to focus on your special day and know that your guests are well taken care of.

As professional talents, we attend as many as 300 - 500 events a year (Let's skip the part that a pandemic happened). This gives us an opportunity to see what works best at every event.

Here're 3 wedding entertainment options for your consideration! We might be a little bias about having close up magic at your celebration, but we have experienced many of these programs listed to know that any one of these would really compliment your special day!

1) Silk Studios - Marbling Art (

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Ever wanted to create your own souvenior art pices? Enjoy making your own marble art with Silk Studio's DIY Marbling Booth! Watch as they do their magic making paint into art pieces or even try your hands at your own! Whether it's for children or adults, this is one activity booth that is sure to delight your guests!

2. Novel Encounter - Live Typewritten Poetry (

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Could there be any other occassions more suitable for such an activity booth? Let your guests enjoy a unique, interactive poetry experience that celebrates human connection. Strangers give Adam three words and watch him spin their words into a blend of magic, sentiment and sincerity. He provides this beautifully unique service of live customised typewritten poetry for live events, festivals, brand launches and weddings too!

3. Close Up Magic (


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Your wedding is the most magical day of your life & having a wedding magician is the best entertainment idea! Professional close up magic is the perfect ice-breaker for people who don’t know each other. (Or friends who are just awkward around one another)

We wow your guests (whatever their age) with amazing magic that will leave them smiling! (Imagine the photo opportunities)

Close-up magic creates a shared experience that brings people together. It creates laughs and smiles and offers people a conversational starter. Let's be honest. You may not actually have time to experience the magic yourself, but you can be assured that your guests had an evening to remember.

4. Silhouette Artist / Shadow Cutting -


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Shadow cutting, also known as Silhouette Cutting, is a craft-work where using just scissors and paper alone, the artist cuts out the subject’s portrait in profile within a few minutes resulting in a most charming, detailed and highly accurate likeness.

Hand-cut silhouette portraits will give your guests a unique and personal way to remember you and your celebration.

There are only a handful of professional shadow cutters locally, so make sure to book early!

5. Mobile Massage -

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We saved the best for last! This is defintely a crowd favourite. Mobile massages are great for smaller weddings where your guests can get a chance to relax and feel refreshed after each session! Score some brownie points with the older guests, and let their hair loose today!