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Top 5 Places to Watch Live Magic Shows / Close Up Magic in Singapore

Looking to catch live magic shows locally?

Magic shows are an entertaining and interactive form of live entertainment. They are a great way to spend your time with a group of friends or family. Most magic shows in Singapore cater to all ages! Whether you are looking for a date night or a special birthday celebration, if you get a chance, it's definitely worthwhile to experience a magic show.

Unfortunately, magic shows are also a tough find locally. While stand up comedy is picking up in the local scene and comedy specials are everywhere on Netflix, magic just don't see as much publicity.

So here're the top 5 places you may get a chance at catching a magic show live in person.

1. Comedy Clubs -

If you haven't already guessed, the best place for live stand up magic will be at comedy clubs. The Merry Lion Comedy Cafe And Bar used to have regular comedy magic performances prior to the pandemic, but these days the best alternative would be checking out line ups at Comedy Masala.

Adrian Saw ( is often a headliner at the club and offers a laugh out loud 45 minutes performance that garners raved reviews from the crowd everytime. Check out his next performance by following him on facebook or instagram today!

magic show in singapore @ comedy masala

2. Restaurants & Bars - Regular Close Up Magic Performances

Looking for something more intimate? If you're lucky, you can sometimes get a chance to experience close up magic at restaurants or bars! Unfortunately as of this writing, it is still a hard find for restaurants to hire close up magicians on a regular basis. Your best chance at catching a close up magician will likely be during festive season such as Christmas or even Mother's Day Specials!

roving magician magic show in singapore in restaurants

Subjected to availablity some restaurants have occassional close up magicians includes:

3. Magic / Cardistry Cafe -

Helmed by Ex Banker and Medical Graduate, the duo decided to combine their love for magic & food to open a magic-themed café space.

close up magic in singapore at cafes

Giving the hobby a home – C Cafe offers a casual setting where “close up magic” can be combined with hearty grub. “It leaves people with a sense of wonder and fun,” he says. “And brings people together and livens the mood.”

As of this writing, the cafe is no longer offering close up magic (likely due to overwhelming workload and the short of manpower), but we are certain that you might just be able to convince either of them to show you something during off peak hours!

4. Local Magic Clubs

Other than the few places stated above, true magic enthusaists, may also consider joining our local magic clubs ; International Brotherhood of Magicians or Singapore Association of Magicians. Both clubs offers regular monthly meeting that is open and complimentry for first time guests visits!

magic show in singapore magic club (IBM RING115)

While most club members are not professional magicians, it offers a platform for hobbyists and those who are passionate about the craft to perform , discuss and showcase tricks & effects. On some occassions, you may get a chance to meet the most popular magicians in singapore!

5. Virtual Magic Shows

Since the pandemic, we have all found ways to adapt our work. Virtual entertainment has been around ever since, keeping audiences all over the world entertained at the living rooms. Virtual magic shows are a great way for you to come really close and intimate with your favourite performers and have an interactive experience.

Virtual magic show in singapore

While most virtual magic shows still cater mostly for corporate clients and are priced for group performances, there are still many performers offering their virtual shows for smaller groups or even on 1 on 1 basis.

You can book a virtual expeience from performers all around the world simply by visiting

& that's it! We hope you found this to be helpful, and would love a chance to connect if you've any questions. You can reach us at for both corporate and personal enquiries.


6 Emotional Needs Magic Show -  11th Feb 2023 (Ongoing)

Catch an intimate magic experience by Aman Alhamid! As part of Experience Magic team, Aman is not only an NLP-certified corporate trainer, he has appeared on Asia’s Got Talent and has more than a decade of performing experience under his belt.
Catch a promotional trailer and get an idea of what to expect! Tickets are available here!


singapore magic show by Aman

 Magic Themed Festival - 6th - 8th Jan 2023 (Expired)

"Where The Magic Happens" is magic themed festival organised locally to promote magic and the arts in Singapore. Happening @ Somerset’s Red Bus, the event offers passionate hobbyists and the general public to sit, congregate & enjoy theatrical magic show performances both by amateur and professional magicians.

Enjoy ticketed lecture & workshop by Singapore's very own international magic creator (Harapan Ong) and One Man Magic shows by a variety of magicians in singapore! There will also be complimentry fringe activities, such as tarot card readings by Rachel Wong, Jagua tattoo art by See Min from Henn Drawn, street magic shows, and live band sets. The festival park will also feature installation art works from viral artist Low Zi Hao.



Hungry for more? There will also be F&B stalls featuring Singapore's one & only Harry Potter themed cafe, Platform 1094! With magic shows from award winning performers to international stars, this is a event not to be missed for anyone looking for an entertaining and memorable day together.

You can all purchase your tickets at our eventbrite links below! Share this around with your fellow laymen/magicians! See you there


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