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Who is the Best Magician in Singapore?

The more accurate list than other Top / Best Magicians in Singapore

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Who's the best magician in Singapore? Or anywhere for the matter?

Magic is an art form. And art is subjective. Yet you often hear people say that Mona Lisa is the greatest painting of all time or that Shawshank Redemption is the best movie of all time.

But none of these are.

They can't be.

In order for something to be "the best ever", you inevitably need to compare it to the rest. But how can you compare one magician to another when they perform entirely different tricks or routines to entirely different venues and audiences?

Asking who's the Best Magician in Singapore is like asking which is your favourite child. Even if you had one, you probably can't say for sure. (much less post it publicly). A better way is to recognize that many performers specialize in unique performing styles and genres. Whether one performer is better suited for you depends entirely on your event.

Here's a list of some of the most experienced and accomplished performers in Singapore you need to hear about


The People’s Emcee & Magician - Kyle Ravin

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While magicians are known for their eloquence as performers, few can compare to Kyle Ravin. More commonly known as a radio show host on 91.3FM, "The People's Emcee" also hosts several TV Shows and performs on the largest stages for companies like Coca Cola, Singapore Airlines, DBS, and many more.

Kyle's credentials as a magician are just as impressive. He is a multi-award winning stage performer and a 3 time record holder in the Singapore Book of Records. He has been featured for his "Las Vegas Style" magic in several publications, such as The Straits Times, and has also performed publicly with sell out ticketed shows.

If you're in need of a magician who can captivate a large audience, look no further than Kyle. He knows how to bring the house down with his high-energy performances and infectious fun, all while providing an unforgettable experience.


The Real Mentalist - Nique Tan

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“Nique Tan is simply the very best that this country and this industry can offer.” - Justin Misson, Celebrity Emcee

Having heartfelt testimonials from clients is one thing, but it's a whole new level when people within your own industry recognize exceptional performance. With more than three decades of experience under his belt, Nique is among the most experienced and most accomplished performer locally.

A renowned figure in the world of Magic and Mentalism, Nique has made contributions through publications and original works. His work has garnered widespread recognition internationally, with rave reviews and acknowledgements from fellow professionals in the field.

In Show Business, Nique provides a World-Class Mind Astonishment for the sophiscated audiences. Highly sought after, he has also been invited to give special performances for local ministers, politicians, and for some of today’s top icons and celebrities, including reading the minds of artistes such as Taiwanese pop sensation Jay Chou and local singer JJ Lin.

Tired of big illusions and flashy sleight of hand magic? Nique offers a truly unique and fully interactive show that showcases a powerful and rarely seen form of entertainment. Prepare to be amazed as your audiences delves into the mysteries of the human mind.


The Expert Sleight of Hand Creator - Jeremy Tan

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FISM is the most important magic competition in the world. It is often referred to as the Olympics of Magic and takes place only once every three years. Magicians from around the world compete to be deemed the world’s best. To win, they must fool each other.

Singapore Magician, Jeremy Tan is an award winner.

Awards & technical abilities aside, Jeremy is also know as a Social Media Magician in Singapore, with over 10 Million views for his engaging shorts with flawless sleight of hand magic videos that you can see for yourself @jeremytanmagic. He even teach magic tricks and offer his own beginner magic workshop tutorials.

Also known as a headliner magician on celebrity cruises, Jeremy has a wealth of experience under his belt as a commercial performer interntionally. A true professional, he excels in providing tailored advice for his craft. Whether you're seeking a customized themed performance or wanting to witness artfully executed, technically demanding magic and gambling demonstrations, Jeremy delivers.


The Creative Theatre Director & Magician - Kiki Tay

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A Producer, Playwright, Director, and a Professional Magician, Kiki has produced and performed in several Magic themed comedy magic shows in theatres. With 30 years of professional experience, he has a wealth of experience in putting up a wholesome show for events large and small.

Currently the ambassador of Science Centre Singapore, Kiki Tay has also consulted for numerous Television programs and also co-directed segments of the National Day Parade.

Keeping up with the times, Kiki currently combines art with technology in his signature EFX show. The show features LED lights, lasers, and robotics, creating a performance that is guaranteed to impress and dazzle with its electrifying experience and spectacular display. From stunning visual presentations using lasers and LED lights, to breath-taking displays with robotics and even magic, elevate your live event to the next level with the latest technology from Kiki that immerse audiences in a futuristic world of illusions.


The Stylist Close-Up Conjurer & Magician - Jack Seet

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Close-up magic is performed in an intimate setting for small groups of people. Instead of being seated in a large theater, the audience is rarely more than an arm’s length away from the magician. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that allows audiences to feel like they’re part of the magic happening right in front of their eyes. It’s also the kind of magic you want performed by someone likeable.

Jack Seet is a psychology graduate, a professional sky diving coach and also performs in a band as a vocalist and rhythm guitarist. With a dynamic personality, and a natural flare for performance, Jack specialize and regularly entertains with his signature close up magic in bars, restaurants, private events and a variety of social situations.

Jack has a talent for making people feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations while performing the most incredible, hard hitting magic effects anyone can experience. He times his approaches in social settings, and has just the right balance between style and humor. Whether you need a magician for a black tie event or a crazy fun bachelorette party, Jack’s friendly disposition stirs excitement and amazement in every performance.

While determining the best magician in Singapore is subjective, there are many talented magicians in Singapore whom you should hear about! Some close-up magician specialize in roving magic @ private birthday parties & corporate events. Some performs comedy magic, and others only does stage magic.

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Written by Magician Jasper Lee

With over a decade of performing experience and as award winning performer, Jasper knows top-notch talent when he sees one. Looking for an impressive team of magicians for your next event? Our trusted band of full-time professionals are a click away.

While not all magicians are equal, we sourced the “best” people to work with for your event so you can be assured when hiring magicians with our seal of approval!

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