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Why hire a roving magician?

3 reasons to hire a roving magician.

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Hiring a Roving Magician

Whether its a wedding, a private celebration, or a corporate dinner, having a roving magician gets your guests warmed up. Here're 3 reasons why you should hire a professional roving magician for your next event.

#1 The best trick, is the one happening right in front of you

Close up magic is one of the oldest form of magic.

And also the most magical.

Compared to performances on stage, close up magic happens inches away from your eyes. It is an intimate experience that people get excited about.

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#2 Magic caters for both the young and old

Magic is a universal language. It appeals to everyone regardless of race, language or religion. And few entertainment can provide a personal touch like that of roving magic.

#3 Magic Tricks are the perfect ice breaker

Having a roving magician to break the ice among your iciest guests might be your best decision. Especially when guests are seated among acquaintances, niffy tricks are always more than welcomed as a conversational piece. Magic is a guaranteed show-stealer for both the young and old.

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With almost a decade worth of experience up his sleeves, Jasper is one of the most popular magician around to host your event.

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