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3 Tips on Choosing a Wedding Magician

Thinking about booking a wedding magician in Singapore?

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Hiring a wedding magician is a great way to amuse your guests during the welcome drinks. People often stand helplessly among acquaintances, struggling to start a conversation while waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Roving magic provides an elegant entertainment for your friends and family. It is a great ice breaker and sets the perfect tone for the rest of the evening.

Here're the top 3 things you need to consider when booking your wedding magician to add a real touch of magic to your special day.

#1 Professionalism

Some magicians are serious hobbyists who perform for fun. They may do it for family and friends, and occasionally for charity events, but it is not their full-time job.

It always makes a different to have someone who performs magic professionally. Understanding how long they have been performing commercially for would help give you a peace of mind!

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#2 Experience

What makes a good magician? Can you tell from their sites alone? 

At the end of the day, experiencing the magic for yourself might be the best way to be sure if a performer is the right fit for your event. Get in touch with your magician and ask if there's a chance to catch him in action at a public engagement. Most established performers have their own regular gigs at restaurants, pubs and clubs that you can drop by to catch them in action.

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#3 Specialty

There are many different genre of magic such as illusion shows, palour acts and walk around magic. For a wedding engagements, the most popular would be for ‘close-up’ or ‘roving’ magic. This is where the magician walks around and mingles with your guests in small groups performing close up intimate illusions that happens in their hands. This is the perfect icebreaker for all at your wedding..


This approach is very flexible and can be done during the wedding reception, alongside the meal or in the early evening. If there are going to be a lot of children at the wedding you could go for other entertainers such as balloonists or face painters who specialises in entertaining youngsters. 

Finally consider the magician’s approach to their magic. Some are funny and chatty, others are “serious and mysterious” – take a look at their website and choose someone who you think will fit your wedding style the best!  

Jasper is an expert close-up magician with a humorous and down to earth personality that engages your guests while keeping them excited. He also performs regularly at Skyve Wine Bistro