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Why is it still important to celebrate during difficult times?

· For Clients


COVID-19 has changed the way everyone work, live and interact. What started off with panic turned to acceptance and gradually adapting to changing for the better. 

As full time performers, a lot of work went into transitioning our live acts into virtual entertainment. Aside from technical aspects (lights, cameras, broadcasting systems), we also had to revamp our routines altogether to fit into the new medium. 

Yet it has been all worthwhile because entertainment options provide a novel opportunity to connect with friends, families and colleagues in a refreshing way that makes everything better. 


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Where teams aren’t able to conveniently come together, it’s important to remind everyone that they are still connected with a community that cares for them. Particularly for colleagues all around the world, connecting through a performance in Zoom or Skype calls offers a reason to celebrate new connection and a chance to enjoy new experiences altogether. 

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Celebrating together while staying safe as a team or among your loved ones can be a simple task.

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